Young horse breeders back to training after returning from Austria competition

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Horse enthusiasts and fierce competitors, the young women of the AHS Young Breeder's Club are already back to training after recently competing in Austria.

"I am so proud of these girls, I couldn't be prouder!" said Dorrie Vlatten-Scmitz, owner of the Central Arizona Riders Academy. "They have to be able to run a mile, they have to be able to keep up with the horse, and they have to stay calm. They have to be fit enough that they can stay calm and relaxed because you're giving that energy to the horse."

"It's a lot of running, a lot of arm and core work, being able to match your strides with the horse and just knowing husbandry," Sophia Wild said.

Think a dog show, but with a horse. The group showcases the horse to judges in front of thousands of people, a technique the girls say is more difficult than it appears.

"There's a lot of live energy," Wild said. "Usually we're really nervous; a lot of the horses we've never met before, so we're just going in blind."

While they've returned to the Valley after taking home international honors, the hard work and routine training continues.

Central Arizona Riding Academy