Ex-NBA player Mike Bibby temporarily suspended from HS coaching job after sexual misconduct claim

PHOENIX (FOX 10/AP) - Police are investigating sexual abuse and harassment accusations made against former University of Arizona and NBA player Mike Bibby.

The Phoenix Police Department has confirmed it is investigating allegations involving staff at Shadow Mountain High School, where Bibby works as a coach.

The allegation was listed in a restraining order granted by the Phoenix Municipal Court on February 22, and the injunction paints the picture of someone who was aggressive, possibly drunk, and clearly worried about the fallout, going forward.

In a witness statement, the teacher alleges nearly two years ago to the day, that Bibby waved her over in a parking lot around 2:30 in the afternoon, picked her up and laid her down in his car. While the teacher claims Bibby groped her, she could smell alcohol and says he said, "what I could do to you".

The female teacher says she couldn't escape the car and when she did, she ran to the front of the school while he kept calling out for her.

Days later, the teacher confronted Bibby, and she claims he called her "beautiful", and was looking to date her. Yet in the same conversation, the document shows his concern, asking her if she was going to tell.

Paradise Valley school officials claim they were notified on February 14 that Phoenix Police were investigating Bibby, yet with the season still not over, it took the district 12 days before pulling the plug and removing Bibby as head coach. It gave the Matadors varsity squad enough time for the team to win their final three games, to claim their 4th straight Arizona state championship.

The alleged conservation in the classroom where the teacher confronted Bibby happened just hours before the Shadow Mountain basketball legen won the 2017 state title.

The Paradise Valley Unified School District released the following statement to FOX 10:

Police say as of now it is an ongoing investigation and no suspect has been named, nor have any charges been recommended. Meanwhile, Bibby has an attorney who has denied the claim.