Not a soccer fan? No problem — Here’s why you should care about the return of MLS

Not a soccer fan? Now is the time to become one, says Maurice Edu.

The former MLS star spoke with FOX TV Stations’ Mark Norris about why this is the moment for casual and non-soccer fans to convert into true football believers.

”For those who don’t know, for those who haven’t had a chance to watch, now you get a chance to really witness soccer in its purest form,“ Edu said with a grin.

The chance that Edu is referring to is the ”MLS is Back Tournament,“ a multi-week event where the sport’s biggest stars take the field after a long suspension of play due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It won’t look exactly the same as your standard pro soccer fare. Fans will be absent from the stands and teams and staff will be abiding by strict COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

But still, why should non-soccer fans turn their eyes to a sport they weren’t previously interested in? Edu highlights the fierce rivalries being built between exciting new teams and standout moments that’ll get fans on their feet.

”On day one, you saw Miami and Orlando compete, and it came down to a 97th minute goal to decide the game,“ Edu said. ”In moments like that, you have to appreciate the beauty and the uniqueness of this sport.“

“For casual fans, you have a chance to witness top quality soccer, see some exciting games, see some competitive games, see some rivalries build,” he continued. “For those who don't have a team that they support, now's your chance to fall in line... to pick one out and go along for the ride.“

New or old fans alike, Saturday night is prime time to watch MLS.

Watch as Atlanta United FC take on the New York Red Bulls on FOX at 8 p.m. ET | 5 p.m. PT as part of the ”MLS is Back Tournament.“

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