MCSO arrest man who allegedly started brush fire in West Valley

MARICOPA COUNTY, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Officials have arrested a man who's believed to have started a brush fire near 143rd Ave. and Jomax on Sunday afternoon. It happened in an unincorporated area of Maricopa County. It took the help of a K9 to make the arrest after the suspect hid in someone's house.

There are a few different scenes under investigation, all within a half-mile of each other. According to MCSO, it starts with a domestic violence call, possible three stolen vehicles along the way, and a brush fire.

Mike Phillips witnessed the brush fire along 143rd Ave. from his porch as crews worked to get it under control.

"We could feel the heat sitting on the deck," Phillips said. "It was that close."

Deputies say a man in his 30s who stole an ATV may have caused the fire, keeping firefighters and law enforcement busy.

Sheriffs stopped by and told us that the suspect was on foot [and] to be aware," Phillips said. "I have guns, so I'm not too worried."

MCSO responded to a domestic violence call where they found a car reported to be stolen. The man in question had run off before getting on the road. When the fire started, authorities say a woman tried to help him.

"A female who saw this take place tried to help the suspect and in the process had her vehicle stolen from her by this male suspect," said Sgt. Bryan Venegas with MCSO. "He took off [and] we don't know at what point he abandoned the vehicle, but he may [his] way into a nearby residence where he was confronted by the homeowner."

Deputies say the suspect ran to another home and hid in the garage. MCSO surrounded the property before sending in a K9 who bit the suspect, leading to his arrest.

The suspect was treated at the hospital but deputies say he hasn't been cooperative and they don't have his identity yet.