11-year-old girl alerts family to house fire in Peoria

A family and three dogs are safe after a Christmas tree caused a fire inside a Peoria home.

According to the Peoria Fire-Medical Department, as adults were asleep inside a home near 91st and Northern Avenues, two children, ages 11 and 7, noticed that the Christmas tree was on fire. The 11-year-old girl, Lilliana Woods, ran through the house and woke up her family members who were all able to escape through the back of the house.

"I was panicking. Like I need to save and I need everybody alive out of here," Woods said.

(Brian Webb)

The 11-year-old rushed over to pull 7-year-old Trei Williams, Jr. away from the tree as the home quickly filled with smoke and flames.

"I was scared because I was right next to the fire," Williams said. "I was crying because my dad was in the house. I thought he got hurt and stuff."

Three dogs were also rescued from the house. However, the home is burnt to a crisp, wall to wall from floor to ceiling.

"All this stuff is material. Money can buy this. Money can't buy a life, so we are thankful," said Trei Williams, Sr.

Firefighters say one person suffered a minor injury but was not transported to the hospital.