2 Arizona residents facing charges after fight at protest in support of BLM

Police in Sierra Vista say charges have been filed against two Hereford residents after protests last month in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

They say 55-year-old Cathleen Tashman stopped her car on State Route 92 during demonstrations that were planned by two groups of residents on Sept. 19 alongside Fry Boulevard.

Police say Tashman got out of her vehicle and got into an argument with demonstrators. The exchange escalated and police say 26-year-old Don Fruhwirth allegedly threatened Tashman and then twice used pepper spray on her.

After examining video evidence, collecting witness statements and reviewing the case with the Cochise County Attorney’s Office, police say Tashman is facing a charge of obstructing a public thoroughfare and Fruhwirth is facing two counts of assault.

It was unclear Oct. 7 if either Fruhwirth or Tashman has a lawyer for their respective cases.

“The Sierra Vista Police Department remains committed to the support of constitutionally protected speech and peaceful assembly,” Sierra Vista Police Chief Adam Thrasher said. “We emphasize that these activities need to be conducted in a time, place, and manner that is safe and respectful to the rights of others.”