3 Arizona kids take off on magical flight to Disney World

Wishes, including some really big ones, are being granted this weekend as three Arizona wish kids boarded a magical flight to Disney World.

The flight happened on Friday at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, and it's all thanks to Make-a-Wish Arizona, American Airlines and Disney.

The three kids who had their wish granted include six-year-old Auden, five-year-old Scarlett, and three-year-old Jesus. Scarlett couldn't wait to meet Minnie, while Auden has plans to hang out with Harry Potter. As for Jesus, he is eager to visit with Mickey himself.

Jesus' mother, Tina Garcia, says Jesus was 15 months old when he was diganosed with leukemia. Garcia, who lives in Douglas, spent countless months in the hospital in Tucson for Jesus' treatment.

"It was tough," said Garcia.

Now that Jesus is in remission, a trip to the Magic Kingdom will help further the healing process.

"I'm like, there's no words," said Garcia. "We are so excited. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for us."

"A wish costs on average about $10,000, and so, when we have partnerships like American Airlines and like Disney World, we can make these wishes happen and make more wishes happen," said Hollie Costello with Make-a-Wish Arizona.

The three Arizona wish kids will be joining some 60 other Make-a-Wish children from around the United States.

Make-a-wish says each and every one of these fighters deserve to be a kid, and that's exactly what they'll do all week long.