3 suspects accused of kidnapping, robbing victims they followed from Glendale casino

Three suspects are accused of kidnapping and robbing two victims after police say they followed them from the Desert Diamond Casino in Glendale to an area in Goodyear near 144th Avenue and Thomas Road.

The alleged crime happened on Jan. 13 at 2:30 a.m.

According to Goodyear Police, the victims stated they were pulled over by a four-door, dark colored vehicle which had blue flashing emergency lights. They stopped their SUV, thinking they were being pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle. At the same time, a white Nissan Titan truck with passenger side damage boxed in the victims and prevented them from leaving the scene.

GPD says the victims were forced from their SUV. One was handcuffed, while the other was bound with zip ties. Then they were forced into the rear seat of their vehicle, which the suspects stole with the victims inside.

One victim was able to look up and observed the Nissan truck in front of them numerous times and observed street signs as they were being driven around by the suspects.

"The victims were threatened to be killed by unknown suspects if they did not provide their debit card personal identification numbers and were driven to various banks in Phoenix, AZ," stated police in the probable cause statement.

At least one ATM transaction was successful, defrauding the victim of $600. One of the victims claimed ¥120,000 Yen (about $1,140 U.S.) was stolen from her purse.

The victims were later released in the area of Lincoln Street and 31st Avenue in Phoenix where they called 911 from a convenience store since their phones were also stolen.

Detectives viewed surveillance video from the Desert Diamond Casino near 93rd and Northern avenues.

"Two vehicles matching the description given by the victims were observed in the casino parking garage and the drivers and occupants of those vehicles were seen inside the casino following the victims," stated police.

Detectives say they identified 38-year-old Isaac Gonzalez, owner of the Chevrolet Malibu used in the crime. Gonzalez's cell phone was found to have followed the route the victims described during the kidnapping. After he was arrested, the Malibu was seized. Police later searched his hotel room and some of the victims' property was recovered.

Police say the Nissan Titan was reported stolen and they identified a passenger in the truck as 28-year-old Lisa Gomez. Officers tracked the vehicle to the area of 55th and Glenrosa avenues in Phoenix. 

According to the police report, "There was a male driver and female passenger, both appearing to be the suspects viewed on surveillance at the casino following the victims."

When an officer attempted to arrest the male and Gomez, the Nissan truck fled the scene and a Phoenix Police Department helicopter followed the vehicle to the area of 69th Avenue and Butler Drive.

Gomez was arrested and the male suspect in the truck was identified as 31-year-old David Stevens, who was also arrested.

Police say Gomez admitted to using methamphetamine and blue M-30 pills earlier that day. When officers searched the Nissan, they found M-30 pills on the front passenger side where Gomez was observed inside the vehicle and exiting it.

Gomez is accused of kidnapping, armed robbery, unlawful means of transportation, narcotic drug possession/use and drug paraphernalia possession use.

Stevens is accused of kidnapping, kidnapping - seize vehicle, armed robbery, aggravated robbery, impersonating a law enforcement officer, unlawful imprisonment.

Gonzalez is accused of aggravated robbery, kidnapping, and impersonating a law enforcement officer.