3rd annual Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo comes to Phoenix

It's dubbed the Premier Professional Educational Medical Cannabis Conference and it aims to educate and inspire.

"We don't advocate for the unrestricted, unregulated use of marijuana, that's not what this conference is and that's not what I do personally," said Nadeem Al-Hassan, co-founder of Baked Bros.

The theme this year, "The Cannabis World of Tomorrow," shows how Arizona's medical cannabis market is growing, changing and meeting the needs of more people.

"We're here to teach you why consumables are important and how they effect the body differently," Al-Hassan said. "We have THC vape cartridges and pens, so it is basically a way to smoke your medicine without having, I guess, some of the toxins, I guess, out of burning some things."

Others are attending to showcase healthier options. Keynote speakers include former president of Mexico, Vincente Fox.

"Lots of people want to ask him about the Mexican involvement, the involvement of the cartel in Mexican politics," Al-Hassan said. "We like to say that he is a very courageous visionary to come out and talk about this issue now. If it is the case that the cartel are so thoroughly interwoven with the Mexican government."

Conference directors say it's important that American people recognize that marijuana is a drug, but that it serves a beneficial purpose.