6th Street Market returns to downtown Tempe

The kettle corn is crackling, the samosas are sizzling -- it's the sound of the 6th Street Market in Tempe, which has reopened to the delight of craft lovers across the Valley.

Much has changed in an effort to make customers and vendors feel safe.

"The booths are spaced out more, they used to be tight up against each other," said Julia Kent of 6th Street Market.

Vendors now have new criteria to meet in order to safely sell their good.

"She gave us criteria on how to merchandise so it’s not as high touch. Simple things like that," said Cindy Lopatynski, who runs a jewelry business called It's a Cin-D.

Like many other businesses, Cindy's operation has struggled to stay afloat.

"This is the first show we really had since last spring, it’s all been cancelled, and it’s been really difficult," said Lopatynski.

Social distancing signs are everywhere, with hand sanitizer and mask requirements. The market even offers online ordering.

"People can preorder before they even get here, so the item's ready and they can pick it up," said Lopatynski.

Julia Kent with 6th Street Market says vendors have been asking for this event since June.

"They haven’t been able to travel, and some have closed down, let’s be honest," Kent said. "That’s the tough thing to see."