8 arrested after police brutality protest in Downtown Phoenix ended in clash with police

A protest took over parts of downtown Phoenix Sunday, Aug. 9, all part for a push for racial justice. Sunday also marked the 6th anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, a Black man who was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 by police. 

The protest, called the "Blue Silence Rally," was small in numbers but it was loud in its message as the Phoenix Police Department declared it an "unlawful assembly" and 8 people were arrested.

Protesters with blue tape over their mouths started at city hall and quickly escalated as they headed toward the Phoenix Police Department headquarters.

Protesters hoped to bring awareness of police officers who stay quiet during police brutality.

"For me, I think what needs to be changed, people in power, in those positions, need to take the courage to not be silent and really relinquish the powers they have to redefine and completely rebuild a new system because the one we have right now toxic and self-destructive," said protester Jonah Ivy.

Percy Christian also spoke on Brown's death.

"We want to commemorate and honor him and the movement that he helped ignite and reunite and continue honoring it and continue to fight because as long as we have been fighting, protesting and standing up for the movement, we still want to see change across the country, and across Phoenix," Christian said.

Less than 15 minutes after arriving at the Phoenix Police Department headquarters, officers in riot gear came out of the department making their presence known with flashbangs.

30 minutes in, "Unlawful assembly. This is the Phoenix Police Department," was heard over a loudspeaker.


The Phoenix Police Department says 8 people were arrested in connection to the protest.

Police say those arrested participated in "criminal activity."

No further information is available on the arrests.