ADOT makes digital license places available as option for drivers

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Officials with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) announced Thursday that Arizona drivers can now use a digital license plate for their car.

In a statement, ADOT officials say they tested the technology on a limited number of fleet vehicles for over a year to determine its operational capabilities and endurance under multiple weather conditions. The digital license plates, sold by Reviver Auto, are described by officials as LTE wireless connected devices that are similar to a tablet, with the license plate constantly displayed. The technology will also for added messages, such as "invalid" or "stolen", or other notifications, if needed.

The plates, according to officials, are not available at MVD or authorized third party offices, and can only be bought from Reviver Auto. On its website, the company lists two versions of the plate that are available for Arizona. The higher-end version allows for "advanced telematics", although the seller did not describe what that actually means on the product page. The plates go from $499 to $799, which includes a one-year subscription of $99. ADOT officials note the plate's cost is determined by the manufacturer, and MVD does not receive any sales proceeds.

The plates, according to the website, only supports the standard Arizona plate style at the moment. They are due to be shipped in spring. Arizona is not alone when it comes to digital license plates. In May 2018, California allowed its drivers to sport digital license plates made by the same company.

Reviver Auto