Afghanistan veteran and dog reunite after months of separation

After months of waiting and thousands of miles traveled, Sean Marsicane has finally been reunited with the dog he adopted while serving in Afghanistan.

Apollo was a stray dog that showed up on the campground where Marsicane was working with Afghan soldiers.

The dog was hungry, thin and in danger of being put down, so Marsicane started feed him every morning.

"We'll give him back to you, but you got to keep him on your compound, he can't be running around," Marsicane said.

Marsicane returned from Afghanistan in December. Three months later with a 30-day quarantine, Apollo arrived.

"He had a flight from Afghanistan to Turkey. Turkey to DC. And then from DC to here, so he had a long, long travel period," Marsicane said.

The organization "Puppy Rescue Mission" helped make it happen. They coordinated the travel and helped raise the $5000 needed to bring Apollo home.

"Within 48 hours we had $1000 raised, which I thought was amazing, and then the other $4000 was raised by them within 36 hours," Marsicane said. "It feels like we weren't even separated to be honest with you. He came home and was just excited to see me and I was excited to see him."

He was a little shy the night he arrived, especially because Marsicane has another dog at home. But within 24 hours, he was sprawled out on the bed.

Marsicane says he is named Apollo because of the way he would jump up on him; he was like a boxer.