After Christmas snack: Goats help recycle trees at petting zoo

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Discarded or unsold Christmas trees usually become mulch or just pile up in oru landfills. However, one farm here in Arizona has found a win-win for us and goats: a new way to recycle.

After Christmas, millions of Christmas trees, whether they make it in to a home for the big day or not, end up as mulch, but at Valley View Christmas Trees, they end up here.

"The pine is actually a de-wormer for the pigs and the goats, and so that's why we decided to start donating to a local animal sanctuary," said manager Ashley Walling.

It was five years ago that Walling decided this was the best way for her unloved trees to get a new life.

"You can actually recycle these and give back to the environment, give back to the animals, so that's a plus to getting a real Christmas tree," she said.

"Christmas trees.. it would be horrible to just throw them away, being able to give them to some animals to eat, and it actually takes away some of our food bill by doing that," said Ken MacNeil, owner of the Funny Foot Farm and Petting Zoo.

MacNeil says it's a highlight of the season every year.

"Actually every pumpkin season this happens, every Christmas season this happens. We have people that call us and ask us, 'hey do you need some Christmas trees to feed the goats, do you need some pumpkins to feed the other animals?' It's actually a totally great thing to think of."

For Walling, it's part of holiday tradition. Helping animals and helping others.

"It helps us be more involved in our community, it brings a togetherness I think that is getting lost in today's day."