Ahwatukee man recovering following rattlesnake bite

An Ahwatukee man is recovering, after he was bitten by a rattlesnake while working on his pool.

62-year-old Michael Seaburgh still recalls the second a rattlesnake bit him on the hand, as he was working on his pool.

"There was actually no pain," said Seaburgh.

Seaburgh was with is dog, Maximillian, in his backyard when he heard something from underneath the pool filter tank: the sound of a rattle.

"He was getting ready to put his snout underneath to find out what the noise was, and I knew it was a rattlesnake," recounted Seaburgh. "I grabbed him by the collar, and I put my hand to cover his mouth, so in case the snake did lash out it wouldn't hit his mouth. That's when the snake got me right there."

Dr. Frank Lovecchio with Banner Health said that on average, they see about 50 venomous snake bites a year.

As for Seaburgh, the swelling is subsiding after eight vials of anti-venom that costs $2,000 per vile. He said he's ready to go back home to his dog.

"The dog is important," said Seaburgh. "He's family."