Alone No More Dog Rescue is raising money to expand shelter & save more pets

A dog rescue in the East Valley wants to be a matchmaker for people and pets. But first, they need the public's help.

If it's a lizard chaser or a maybe snuggler, or a guard dog that you're after, Alone No More Dog Rescue hopes they can match you with the perfect animal.

"We are a rescue that helps support our local shelters. We take dogs that are behavior dogs, usually at risk of euthanasia, so we take those dogs we work with them and try to find the best fit and the best families for them once we assess them properly," the rescue's founder said.

The rescue is located in Apache Junction.

Founder Jennifer Bryan says they work diligently to get to know the dogs, but also work hard to support the adopters once they take their animal home.

"When adopters take stressed-out dogs, usually they're like, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do?’ If I can get them acclimated to living in a home and adjusted going slowly, it's easier to place them and it's easier for people to hold on to those dogs," she said.

With that in mind, Alone No More is renovating the space to accommodate more dogs in an environment that is more like home. Bryan has big plans for this big building.

She says Alone No More is totally supported by private donations and has launched a GoFundMe to raise funds to complete renovations at the Apache Junction site.

Her goal is to raise $125,000.

"My goal is two to three months. I have all the contractors waiting to start building, so as soon as those funds come in, we can start," she said.