American Airlines surprises future pilot with behind-the-scenes tour at Sky Harbor Airport

At just 8-years-old, Kevin has a serious hobby, but today there's more to learn.

In his finest pilot gear, this is how 8-year-old Kevin visited Sky Harbor every Friday for months. He and his mother watched planes fly in for hours and an American Airlines employee noticed and took Kevin on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour.

American Airlines shuttled Kevin all over the airport, showed him the ins and outs and how everything takes off.

"It reminds me of myself, it reminds me of everyone here I work with," Phoenix Crew Chief Michael McLaughlin said. "It's a culture. I want to share something with him, engrain it in him more."

That's exactly what today was all about.

"We just don't know were to begin to thank American Airlines," Kevin's mom said.

It was all capped off by making it official.

"We wanted to present to you a little certificate in recognition of your outstanding plane spotting," McLaughlin told Kevin.