Are you ready for Monsoon 2016?

From dust storms to flash flooding state agencies are reminding people about the dangers that come with our summer storms.

This year's monsoon is starting with a bang; a heat wave bringing Sunday's Valley temperatures close to 120 degrees.

"In the Phoenix area is where we are looking at the hottest temperatures both during the afternoon and the overnight period," said Paul Iniguez.

NWS Operations Manager Paul Iniguez says the heat can even overwhelm those who've lived in it year after year.

"On average about 80 people per year die from the heat, and most of these people dying are Maricopa County residents, they're not my aunt from Chicago or my Uncle from San Diego," said Iniguez.

Sunday is shaping up to be one of the hottest three days will see this summer with National Weather Service forecasting 118 degrees at Sky Harbor.

Along with the brutal heat is the danger of blowing dust. The NWS has installed dust sensors along active dust storm areas like the I-10. The sensors detect how much dust or how many particles are in the air.

"A lot of times these dust storms are coming from areas where there are not a lot of people," said Iniguez.

Paul says with La Nina in effect; you sometimes see less rain during the monsoon. But so far, there's no indication if this monsoon will be a soaker or a dud.

Monsoon season runs from June 15 to September 30.