Arizona farm aims to lead change in climate battle by turning animal waste into biogas

Cows in Eloy are going green, as a farm there is set to be the home of a first-of-its-kind operation in the state that will turn animal waste into renewable energy.

At the Caballero Dairy, seven acres (about 2.83 hectares) of land will soon be home to a facility that will reduce thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

With the help of the Brightmark Company, the farm will be able to convert all of its waste into biogas that can be piped and used as renewable natural gas for vehicles, via an anaerobic digester complex.

"All of the water we use at Caballero Dairy is captured, and it lands on cement and then is recycled. We recycle every bit of water. The water will then go to one large covered lagoon and will be processed over a three-week series that captures all of those gases that would typically go into the environment. We will capture them and put them back into the El Paso Pipeline, and they will be used as energy," said Craig Caballero with Caballero Farms.

Caballero says they’re always thinking of ways to help the environment. He says by adding this technology, he's hoping to lead by example.

"What we produce here will be equivalent to planting 44,000 acres of forest land," said Caballero.

The project is expected to be completed by May of 2022.

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