Water levels rising at Lake Mead

The Bureau of Reclamation reports levels rose more than four feet from December to January at Lake Mead, and they are up about three more feet this month.

SRP officials conduct snowpack survey after winter storm

A winter storm that recently moved through Arizona has provided some much-needed snow to parts of the Arizona high country, and officials with SRP are measuring snowpacks in order to get a clearer picture of the snowpack level in some areas that can impact Phoenix's water supply.

Here are the top 10 deadliest national parks, according to research

The serene landscapes of our national parks feature a plethora of mountainous landscapes, pristine beaches and lush forests, but there are some deadly risks associated with visiting. Outdoor clothing brand KÜHL looked at different criteria and came up with a list of the top 10 deadliest national parks.

Illegal camping: BLM to clear area in East Valley

The Bureau of Land Management will close 1,000 acres along the northern border of Mesa and Apache Junction in order to build a recreation area for hikers, bikers and horseback riders. Due to the project, all campsites will be closed, ending a 14-day camping rule. Property owners in the area have complained that homeless people often overstay their welcome and leave behind drug paraphernalia, trash and abandoned RVs.

A rare look inside Mormon Flat Dam

We're getting a rare glimpse inside the Mormon Flat Dam within the Tonto National Forest. The dam was completed in 1925 and on Jan. 30, SRP let FOX 10 Photojournalist Joe Tillman inside for a peek at the turbine, which powers the damn and regulates the flow of the Salt River.