Arizona Grand Resort and Spa offering $20 an hour for housekeeping jobs

A Valley hotel is staying competitive in the job market by offering what it's calling the highest wages in the state for its workers.

After the tourism industry was hit incredibly hard by the pandemic, visitors are now coming back in full force looking for a desert getaway at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa.

To keep up with the demand, the resort and spa in Phoenix is hiring housekeepers for $20 an hour.

"When this demand for travel and overnight stays started around spring break, it caught everyone by surprise," a manager said, adding, "We need more people so we can clean the rooms to sell the rooms."

The resort and spa announced a wage increase for all of their housekeeping room attendants to $20 an hour and that goes for the new hires that will be brought on too.

"Let’s do the right thing and make it $20 an hour and just get the very best people and say thank you," a manager said.

They hope this will attract the best of the best so they can continue to serve their guests.

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