Arizona man sentenced to nearly 2 decades in prison for selling fentanyl that killed a young man

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A Tucson man was sentenced to nearly two decades in prison after he sold fentanyl to a young man who died from an overdose, says a news release from the United States Attorney's Office District of Arizona on Oct. 5.

Alexandro Luis Gomez, 30, is facing 17 years in prison and will be on supervised release for five years once he's out.

"Gomez previously pleaded guilty to Distribution of a Controlled Substance connected to the overdose death of a young man in December 2019. The Court also ordered Gomez to pay $12,727 in restitution to the decedent’s family as compensation for expenses related to the young man’s funeral and burial," the news release read.

In the winter of 2019, Gomez sold the victim 6 pills containing fentanyl for $90.

"As part of the law enforcement investigation into Gomez, agents witnessed him selling drugs to two other customers. When Gomez was arrested, he had 462 fentanyl pills and a handgun inside his vehicle. During a search of his residence, agents found drugs of various types, four additional firearms, multiple cellular telephones, and $10,625 in drug proceeds," authorities detailed.

The Oro Valley Police Department, the Tucson Police Department, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration handled this investigation.

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