Tucson sector sees 2K illegal border crossings a day

Border crossings in southern Arizona are up and with facilities over capacity, migrants are now being released onto the streets. Border Patrol says they're seeing up to 2,000 illegal crossings per day in the Tucson sector alone. FOX 10's Stephanie Bennett reports.

Nearly 1,200 saguaros toppled in southern Arizona

The National Park Service says about 1,200 saguaros either toppled over or had their arms or tops severed during a monsoon storm last month. The "blowdown" event happened on Aug. 22, causing many saguaros to be uprooted or snap along their trunks. NPS says hundreds of saguaros are still standing and remains healthy.

Arizona Crime Files: Aug. 13-19

Our top crime stories for the week of Aug. 13 include: Two drug busts on SR 87 in Payson; a Tucson woman who shot and killed a home intruder; a suspect wanted in a deadly Phoenix road rage shooting; dark developments in an Arizona missing persons case; and a hit-and-run crash that was caught on a Tesla camera.

Monsoon storm develops in Tucson

In a video captured by University of Arizona cameras, a storm can be seen developing over the Tucson area during the afternoon hours of July 17. While the monsoon season began in mid-June, the state has yet to see the stormy weather that is typical during an average monsoon season.