Statisticians and census takers worry about count's accuracy

Sheila Valenzuela, census director for the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona, said in court papers that she had been given misleading information from the Census Bureau's Tucson office for weeks about how many households had been counted in her community.

Heading deep inside Colossal Cave in southern Arizona

Arizona is home to several natural wonders from Sedona to the Grand Canyon. The state's beauty is always on full display. But tonight, we head to Vail in south Arizona, and go below ground to show you one of Arizona's hidden treasures. FOX 10's photojournalists Brian Kae and Joe Tillman take us on a tour of Colossal Cave.

Drone Zone: Colossal Cave

In this week's edition of Drone Zone, FOX 10's drone pilots Joe Tillman and Brian Kae take us to Vail, Arizona, just outside of Tucson for a birds-eye view of Colossal Cave, one of Arizona's most popular attractions.