Arizona teachers wear the color red in fight for higher pay

Arizona school teachers say they are tired of constantly being in the red with their finances. With that, the teachers wore red today to send a message that they are underpaid and are starting a movement to change that.

Across social media was the hashtag, #RedforEd, and ed being education.

The message they want to send? They want and need change for Arizona teachers who are at the bottom in the nation for teacher pay.

"Wearing Red for Ed to say we do demand that our state leaders fix the teachers shortage crisis and give us fair pay for the work we're doing," said Amy Ball, a kindergarten teacher.

"Teachers are underfunded across our state. Our classrooms are underfunded across our state and this has been going on for decades, said Amber Gould, a teacher at Glendale High School.

At a morning news conference, the Arizona Education Association used it to endorse David Garcia for Governor, teachers talked about their new movement aimed at getting better pay.

"I know so many teachers, including myself, who have second and third jobs to be able to pay our bills. It's not to buy boats, it's not to go on fancy vacations, it's to pay our bills," Ball said.

Following highly publicized victory for striking West Virginia teachers, the question asked today is why don't Arizona teachers strike for better pay. Some say it's just too soon.

"But if you talk to any teacher in West Virginia, and support anybody that was there, it's months of discussions that led to that frustration level. So I'm not saying it won't happen, I'm not saying it won't happen, I haven't seen these many teachers this frustrated since I've been in Arizona," said Joe Thomas, the President of AEA.

Many argue the budget will not allow the kind of raise teachers are asking for. Some teachers say for them that this day is a starting point, a call to action and a way to start a conversation about what they can do to get the pay they feel they deserve.