As animal shelters see an uptick in returns, Arizona pet shop helps people become responsible owners

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people wanted the companionship of a pet, but now that restrictions are easing and people are heading back to "normal life," many shelters across the country are seeing an uptick in people returning their pets.

They're cute, full of energy and a lot of fun. Ask any pet owner and they'll tell you a dog or cat can enrich your life, but they can also sometimes be a handful.

"We want to make sure our puppies are going home for life," said Animal Kingdom's Sydney Cisco.

With a lot of shelters across the country unfortunately seeing an increase in people returning the pets they bought or adopted at the onset of the pandemic, Cisco says their employees make sure it's a right fit before any pet goes home.

"We focus on responsible pet ownership, so it all begins with education. We need to make sure customers know what they're signing up for and we're going to work with them to make sure they understand exactly what they're getting."

If for any reason the pet doesn't work, many stores, like Animal Kingdom, or shelters, ask you to return the pet back to them so they know they'll be safely re-homed.

"It really breaks our heart to see a dog go back to a shelter or back to us if it doesn't work out, it's hard for them and it's hard for us, too. That's why we keep that responsibility to know they're always cared for and always loved."


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