ASU stadium renovations underway

Arizona State University students will notice some major changes the next time they hit Sun Devil Stadium for a football game. The stadium is undergoing a 210 million dollar renovation.

It's time for Sun Devil Stadium to join the 21st Century.

Isaac Manning is a representative with the project and says just last year they were picking out the contractor, and now phase 1 of 3 is almost complete.

"We've gone from about 4,000 bleacher seats with no restrooms and limited concessions on the south end of 6,500 seats in the stands," said Isaac Manning.

More bathrooms, concession stands, and Wi-Fi are some of the additions.

Manning says the new stadium will alwo be a common place for all types of students.

"If you are in the law school we want to be able to have classes here on sports related classes, if you are an arts student we want to be able to take the digital media that we will have in the stadium and be able to have that on 24/7," he said.

But Manning says one of the best additions is the "Inferno" expansion, that's the student section.

"The hostile environment is to make it as loud and unpleasant for you as humanely possible here, and to give ASU and the Sun Devils an competitive advantage by the way this bowl is going to be designed. So if you're the opposing kicker, like they had a couple of times last year where the opposing kicker was looking into the inferno, it's going to make you want to choke," said Manning.

The first phase will be completed by the first home game, the second phase will begin after the last home game.

Officials plan to have the entire project completed in 2017.