ASU student move-in continues with new rules due to COVID-19

Students at Arizona State University (ASU) are slowly moving back onto campus for the fall semester, but things are looking a little different amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

FOX 10 has covered move-in day in years past. In 2019, FOX 10's Cory McCloskey covered the move-in at Taylor Place, a dorm at the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus. In the video, a crowd of sorts was seen moving students into their new home for the upcoming semester.

For the new school year in 2020, however, things are done in baby steps.

Maricopa County residents move belongings into dorm rooms

On August 7, Maricopa County residents were allowed to move in. Those students were allowed to move their things into the dorm room, but then forced to march right back out. The actual move-in day will have to wait a little longer.

Pull up, drop off, and then get out: it's another one of the unusual ways schools are adapting to education during the pandemic.

"I’m super excited happy to be able to be on campus today and moving my stuff," said student Mary Pierce.

"I’m excited," said parent Stephen Pierce. "Brings me back to when I went off to college."

For 2020, ASU will welcome 13,000 students onto four campus locations.

"It kind of went a different way than I thought it would, but honestly, it’s a little bit nicer not to have so many people around. A little less chaotic," said student Taylor Earle.

"They are great. They’re doing awesome, so everybody’s on their game, it seems like, because of COVID," said parent Paul Earle.

The move-in is also a glimpse at the new normal of college life, where large lectures and big parties are replaced by mandatory masks, social distancing and more online learning.

"I think if everybody just follows ASU guidelines, you should be OK." said student Jami Jacobs.

"It’s no different than when I was growing up," said parent Jeff Jacobs. "We just practice good hygiene, social distance and I think you’re fine."

Students and parents who spoke with FOX 10 say they feel fairly safe, and are more excited to be on campus than they are afraid of catching the coronavirus.

More students are expected to drop off their belongings on August 8, and Phase Two of the move-in process starts on August 13, when students from outside the area will be allowed to drop off their items, and move in on the same day.