Attorney general's office fights for the people against moving company

CHANDLER, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Dozens of customers who were ripped off by a moving company will be getting some of their money back.

"We made sure we did everything we can to put the company out of business, and at the same time, provide restitution to customers," Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said.

This is the second time the attorney general's office has gone after Allstar Movers and Storage, and it's the second time they have claimed victory.

Arlie Duplessis is one consumer who got ripped off. She hired the company last year, expecting a quick and affordable move.

"They showed up four hours late and it was a nightmare," she said. "From there, they were rude, smoking on the job and complained about everything. They also overcharged us about $600."

She says the movers also damaged the rental home they were moving out of by leaving gashes in the walls and banisters.

Damages she ended up paying for out of her own pocket.

"It was devastating," she said." We're both teachers, we don't get paid over the summer, and it put us behind several months; it put us in a very bad place."

Many consumers got the mailers the company sent out. The attorney general's office says not only were their ads a sham, but they would also hold people's belongings hostage.

"They would quote one price, then charge more and refuse to deliver the goods unless somebody paid them more," Brnovich said.

Dozens wrote scathing reviews online and 55 customers filed a complaint against Allstar Movers with the attorney general's office, including Duplessis.

After about a year of hearing nothing, she got the call, telling her the company will be fined and held responsible, and she'd get her money back.

"It was a great feeling because a lot of times you do your part and nothing happens and people get away with doing the wrong thing over and over," she said.