Banner hospital breaks record, delivers 9 sets of twins in 3 days

Doctors at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa have been seeing double this week.

They delivered nine sets of twins in just three days. The hospital says it is a new record.

"It's a record for as long as I've been here, I've been here 10 years and this is the most I've seen delivered in this short of a time period."

It is a first for the hospital. But for Michael and Destiny, who just had the twin boys, twins run in their family.

"He has a twin sister, this is the second time that I've been pregnant with twins."

Twin babies can be double the fun but also double the responsibility.

"It creates a lot of extra work for the parents first of all and then of course for the staff who's helping to take care of these babies they usually require more care and help with feeding and monitoring."

But the people who take care of these little bundles of joy do not mind the work.

"For those of us in this area, it's a miracle every time we get to see it, being able to support those families and see their joy when they hold their baby for the first time it's just incredible."

Every year more than 30,000 babies are delivered at Banner Health Hospitals.