Barrow Neurological Institute patients get a day at the lake

For some people, this is an opportunity they wouldn't normally get... enjoying this view at Bartlett Lake and all its adventures, but for one woman, this experience was truly special.

"First, I'm going to jet ski, then I'm going to go out and water ski," Christina Chambers said.

Chambers loves the water, although sometimes her wheelchair gets in the way... but not this time.

"They make it really easy for all of us that are in chairs or with other neurological disorders to get in and out of kayaks and jet skis and water skis, so I'm glad I get to be out here," she said.

Every year, Barrow Neurological Institute organizes a day out on the water for disable patients, just like Christina.

"For some families, they say it's the first time I've played with their son or daughter before they've been injured and they just had a great time, they're like 'today was a life-changer for everybody,'" said Jo Crawford, of the Barrow Neurological Institute.

Christina hasn't missed a year yet.

"I really love kayaking and this is a great experience that I get to come to every single year and here and try out the kayaking," Chambers said.

Whether it's jet skiing, kayaking, surfing, or boating, Christina can ditch the wheelchair for a day on the lake.