Boxing gym that helps keep kids off the streets vandalized

It's a tough break for the owner of a local gym that aims to keep kids busy, and off the streets.

Someone vandalized the gym by throwing a rock through the glass storefront.

Theres one mission under the Chavez Boxing Foundation: save the youth.

"We're trying to make a difference for these kids," said Pete Chavez.

Chavez, however, said some thugs don't like that mission, and they have targeted his gyms. On Wednesday, Chavez said he came to back to his gym, and saw the front door was shattered.

Coach Chavez runs program for at-risk youth, in communities that need it most. Time after time, Coach Chavez said he has been violated, threatened and even had his previous gyms trashed. Chavez, however, said he refuses to let anything pull him away from what he's most passionate about: making a difference for these kids.

"Believe me, it wears me out," said Chavez. It's hard, it's part of the reason for my insomnia, it's part of the reason for a lot of things, but I can't give up."