Cactus Shadows High School gets ready to resume classes amid staff call out

Schools across Arizona are starting a new school year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, not all schools are having a smooth start to the school year.

In August, FOX 10 reported on a decision by officials with J.O. Combs Unified School District in the Far East Valley to delay the start of the school year, following a staff call out.

On Sept. 7, officials with the Cave Creek Unified School District announced that Cactus Shadows High School will reopen for classes on Wednesday. The decision was announced on the district's unverified Facebook page.

Officials say if coverage is not available for a classroom, students will be directed to a safe area, where they can attend school and complete school work.

Parents, teacher's union officials react

According to Cadi Angeli, Co-President of the Cave Creek Education Association, ore than 20 teachers have called out sick.

"There's anxiety over the parents' reaction to the decision, the tough decision, that some made to call out," said Angeli.

Angeli said the anxiety stems from the lack of a hybrid learning option, which would allow students to be on campus during certain parts of the week, with online learning during other parts of the week. With in-person learning, the school will have a close to full campus, with students switching every period.

"Depending on how many call out, some teachers might have to fill in, so that could push it to seeing 200 students a day," said Angeli. "Typically, it's 150 to 180."

For Jason Grandon and his son, Jayden, they are happy about the decision.

"I'm super stoked, even though we'll have to take these precautions, we'll make it through it," said Jayden. "I think as we progress through the year, it'll get better."