Calls for caution as snakes, other critters may be on the move following Monday's big storm

It turns out the hard pounding rain the Valley received Monday does more than flood freeways and make the desert bloom. So, Arizona Game and Fish officials issued a warning Tuesday.

"It's a perfect storm for snakes and other wildlife to be looking for new places to be," said Amy Burnett with Arizona Game and Fish.

Animal's homes and hiding places have likely been disturbed or flooded out by the heavy storm on Monday, and Burnett says people should be on the lookout for certain animals that will be on the move.

"Right now, not only do you have snakes moving around, but Gila Monsters are up about, and you have scorpions that are moving about," said Burnett.

For those with storm cleanup tasks, Burnett says they should consider putting it off.

"Take a couple of days for your cleaning," said Burnett. "Do it slowly. Maybe put it off for a day or two because right now, some snakes are probably hiding in debris piles across the Valley. You don't want to be disturbing them unexpectedly."

For those who have to clean up in a place snakes or other might be, Burnett says dress appropriately, and invest in a heavy-duty pair of gloves.

"Wear your gloves when you're overturning logs and things like that," said Burnett. "Take your time. Don't put your hand where you can't see it."

Photo Courtesy: Rattlesnake Solutions

Pictures from Rattlesnake Solutions show calls that their workers have been on in the last several weeks. Owner Bryan Hughes says snake calls definitely spike following a big storm.

"There's no reason to panic. Just be aware they are out there because if you're expecting them, when you do come across one, you're going to deal with it a lot more calmly," said Hughes.