Canal Convergence to take place in Scottsdale amid cooling weather

In true Arizona fashion, the state is still breaking weather records in November.

On Nov. 6, some were still out and about in tank tops and shorts, enjoying the rather warm weather.

“we’ve lived here a long time, we came from New Jersey, where we have real Christmas weather and Thanksgiving, but we’ve been here long enough that we can forget about that, and besides, I didn’t really like to wear ski pants and boots," said one person, identified only as "Karen."

"People say 'how do you celebrate Christmas?"' said another person, identified only as "Patsy." "When there’s no snow and you’re in the desert, you just adjust."

With temperatures still in the 90s as of Nov. 6, it may not feel so winter-like, but holiday traditions must go on. In Scottsdale, Canal Convergence kicking off its holiday season on Nov. 6. 2020's theme is "reconnect," and water, art, and light will be in full display near the canal and around Old Town Scottsdale.

"Instead of there being 12 artworks here at the waterfront, within a three-mile radius of Downtown Scottsdale, they’ll be able to see some great work from artists from across the globe, so it’s done safely," said Kim Boganey, Director of Scottsdale Public Art. "You can drive a car, you can ride your bike, you can walk with a small group of friends and be able to see the artwork from the street."

The event runs through Nov. 15.