Cars in the Valley facing summer woes as heat worsens

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - You know the heat is on - when it's still hot after the sun has set. Triple-digit temperatures can do a number on everybody. it's that time of year when the summer year can make our cars a lot less reliable.

A lot of car problems, a lot of people waking up to their car not running. Why? Their car battery. Batteries in Arizona just don't last. We're not the only ones feeling the heat in the Valley - our cars are, too.

If you think about our temperatures and our vehicles sitting in the sun, our vehicles are backing all day long. AAA says when consecutive triple-digit heat hits the Valley, their phones start ringing. AAA recommends drivers stay on top of their cars.

"[If your car is] about two years old, get it tested because there's a good chance that it won't make it through [the summer]," said Michelle Donati with AAA Arizona.

People visiting the Valley are really feeling the heat, too. Staying cool at the Polar Place Ice Bar, the Kelly family had a 10-hour layover while on the way to Alaska and needed to stay cool.

"We walked in and didn't know what to expect," Eric Kelly said. "I'm in my flip flops and my feet are getting chilly."