Caught on camera: Glendale police use drone to catch Target burglar

Glendale police released video of a burglary suspect captured with the help of a drone at a Target last month.

Video from July 29 shows the drone flying through a Target storage area, maneuvering through the aisles and searching the top of the racks. That's where the suspect was found sleeping or pretending to be asleep.

Police say the man used a ladder in the storage room to climb up there, trying to avoid police.

"Glendale Police, if you can hear my voice, come out. If you can hear my voice, come out with your hands up and nothing else," said an officer in the bodycam video.

The suspect, who was not named, reportedly threw some pillows at the drone and kept trying to destroy it before finally surrendering to police. 

He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and drug paraphernalia charges.