Chandler church welcomes 200 asylum seekers

CHANDLER, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Several migrants not involved in the migrant caravan at the border have made their way to the Valley, as of Thursday.

The migrants sought shelter at a church, while they wait to ask for asylum. Many of the families said they just left their homes with what they had on, so when they got to the church, they were provided clothing, shoes, baby necessities and toiletries.

For one father and his daughter, it's been 11 days since they left Nicaragua for the north to seek asylum. The two made it to the Grove Church in Chandler, where they were bathed, fed and given clothes. The father, who was not identified, said the political climate and dangerous conditions made him and his family leave.

"Right now, there are no jobs or security," said the father, in Spanish.

The man was separated from his wife and their other daughter, but he knows they will be reunited soon.

"What do you want in the United States," asked FOX 10's Jennifer Martinez, in Spanish.

"What I'm looking for is security for my daughters, my family," the man replied. "TO work, to maintain, for my daughters to get ahead. To study, and security in the United States."

The man and his daughter are heading to Los Angeles, where his mother is. The man has not seen his mother in more than two decades. Meanwhile, one local family, the Burch, came to the Grove Church to help house the families. They will host two migrant families for a few days.

"We have a guest room and it's empty. Why not put a family in there? Nice shower, and help them as they transition," said Paul Burch.