Chandler needs help completing community 'Demonstration Garden'

What's now an empty plot of land will soon become a garden on the edge of Veteran's Oasis Park.

"It's actually going to start on the outside of this Palo Verde tree and we're going to extend it all the way down to that tree over there," Ariane Francis said.

Fifty-to-60 yards long and 40-to-50 yards wide, Rec. Coordinator Ariane Francis says it's going to be an extension of already-popular programs that the City of Chandler is holding right now.

"We're going to teach people how to garden, how to build, how to install, how to maintain irrigation," Francis said. "We're going to be able to teach people about composting, about water harvesting and we're going to do this with ourselves and also out different partners."

They're calling it a "Demonstration Garden" and all they need now is a fence to keep it all safe, but that fence will cost $9,000, which is money you can help raise.

A Crowdfunding page has just been set up with a 30-day timeline for their goal to be reached.

"We already have two donations and we're really excited and ready to offer this to the public," Francis said.