Chandler restaurant turns into grocery store to help community, those at-risk of COVID-19

Some restaurants now turned into grocery stores after Arizona Governor Doug Ducey allowed restaurants to resell unused products to help small businesses during COVID-19.

As you can imagine, restaurants get product either everyday, every other day or every week.

That’s exactly whats happening at Z'Tejas in Chandler. The owners are helping out those who can’t go to the grocery store, while bringing in revenue for employees.

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It’s a one stop shop. If you want take out, they got it. And if you need groceries, a box is all set for you.

"The bodega pack has all of those things I have mentioned before. Rice pasta beans, lots of produce and then you can add protein like fajita beef, marinated chicken, salmon, bottles of wine, classic margaritas, and the margaritas have been a classic add on along with our fajita beef," said Lk O’Day, general manager of Z'Tejas.

Let's not forget the hottest commodity in the market, toilet paper and paper towels.

They are including those too.

O’Day says with shipments coming in multiple times a week, the grocery store has not only increased revenue, but helped not spoil food.

"We had cans and cans of beans, pounds of rice and it’s been really good to be able to divvy things up and hand it out to people who can’t go to the grocery store or leave their house to pick it up," O’Day explains.

The restaurant now turned grocery store even delivers to customers who are immune compromised and elderly, the ones who are the most at risk of death if they contract COVID-19.

"The first day we did this, we were in the thousands so it’s been really helpful. Whenever anyone tips on a delivery or even a to-go, all the proceeds are going to pay our hourly staff so that is helping them get through during this time," O’Day says.

You can come into the restaurant to pick up your box or have delivered directly to you.