Chandler teen teaches kids how to swim for free

Many underprivileged kids don't always get the chance to learn how to swim, but this summer, one teen in Chandler is inspired to give back to children the same opportunity she was given.

"My brother's friends with all the neighbors and sometimes we go in the water and everybody had like floaties or they couldn't always jump off the diving board," Monique said.

Fifteen-year-old Monique is a competitive swimmer and too often, she says she finds a lot of the younger kids are either afraid of the water or haven't learned how to swim.

"I thought well, I might as well help my neighborhood, who some kids don't know how to swim and help my neighborhood learn how to be safe in the water and also have fun in the water," she said.

Teaching basic skills like safety first, Monique says will show children that there's no need to fear the water, and will help to build confident swimmers of all ages.

"I'm teaching them safety rules like first, let's ask to get in the water and then how to call 911, and then I'm teaching them how to go on their back when they breathe, so starfish on their float and then swim freestyle to the wall or if the water is too deep, wall walk to shallower water," she said.

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