Cold Snap: What to do if your uncovered plants are damaged from the cold

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- It was another cold night across Arizona, and that means people probably should have covered their plants.

Experts say if you haven't been taking extra steps to protect them, they could be in danger. On Thursday, FOX 10's Jennifer Auh saw a lot of people in a neighborhood actually covering their plants to keep them warm, but also saw some plants that were partially frozen over from overnight.

"Get this kind of freeze dried look. Later on that's going to turn black," said Jevin Erdmann, Master Gardener at Berridge Nurseries.

To prevent that, Erdmann says people need to buy a frost cover. It's as simple as putting the cover over plants, which keeps the plants just a few degrees warmer. Erdman says that's all people really need in the Valley.

"Then, you need to hold it down so it doesn't blow away, if there is a little bit of wind," said Erdmann.

If your plants already have frost damage, Erdmann says don't cut it away. In fact, don't do anything at all, for now. Erdmann says less is more when it comes to dealing with frozen plants.

"Anything that's frozen now is going to help protect what's underneath from further freezes," said Erdmann.

Wait a few months before pruning, and in the spring, when things start to sprout out, you can cut off those frozen pieces of plants and trees, which will look black by then.

There are some upsides to the cold weather. Experts say it keeps the critters away and can even energize some flowers, like roses, And trees like peach and apple trees, which prefer the cooler weather.