Colorado father said son ‘just earned his man card' following murder of woman, witness claims

(FOX News) -- A Colorado father charged with murdering a mother-of-four last month reportedly told his 12-year-old son that he "earned his man card" following the woman's death. The alleged comments from Heith Gleason, whose son also has been charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Amy Garcia in Walsenburg on Dec. 20, surfaced in a police affidavit viewed by KOAA.

The body of Garcia, 41, was found that day in the driver's seat of a burned-out car riddled with bullet holes.

A witness who apparently interacted with Gleason inside his home prior to the killing told police that he and Garcia had been arguing about alcohol. The witness told police that Gleason picked up a gun, said "I'll kill her," and then walked outside, KOAA reported. Moments later, a single gunshot was heard, then Gleason walked back in and said he didn't kill Garcia, the affidavit said.

Police say the witness then told them Gleason went back outside with his son and a .22-caliber firearm, and more gunshots were heard.

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