Condo for sale comes with meth contamination warning

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For those looking to purchase a home, Zillow and Redfin have a peculiar listing on their sites.

They say a condo in Colorado has potential, but it has some issues. A meth contamination.

For those willing to take that risk, then this space in Denver might be an option.

The 567-square foot condo is currently listed for $252,000, but it's not move in ready quite yet.

A company that specializes in cleaning spaces that contain meth says the property offers some options for sellers.

"You can clean it up to state statute so that be in compliance at which time you are no longer required to disclose the history of it to a prospective buyer. You could reoccupy it, you could rent it without disclosing it," said Peter Riley, president of Crystal Clean Decontamination.

Because of the contamination, a lot of renovation will be required, including gutting the kitchen and replacing all the appliances.

All of these costs will need to be covered by the buyer.