Gilbert home on Zillow Gone Wild l Cool House

Zillow Gone Wild showcased a 5-acre home in Gilbert. The home, which has everything you can imagine, could be Gilbert's most expensive house sold if it sells for the listing price of $20 million. The owner built it for his family with every amenity so they'd never have to leave – it even has a green-arched breezeway with peacocks. FOX 10's Syleste Rodriguez has more.

Gas stoves will likely not be banned in the US anytime soon

It’s estimated that some 40 million U.S. homes have natural gas stoves. They’re often touted as being a more precise heating tool for cooking, but they can be pricey — and potentially harmful to both human health and the planet.

Arizona Biltmore Estates l Cool House

The Arizona Biltmore is iconic for its history and elegance, and its newest build is both grand and gorgeous. FOX 10's Syleste Rodriguez has more.