Consignment shop suddenly closes doors; customers unable to contact owner

A valley consignment store is closing down and the news had some people a little worried when they heard about it.

On Friday, people wanting to check out furniture at Divine Design were turned away at the door. Monday was the store's last day of business as it was shut down after a new lease couldn't be negotiated. But the store is still full of people's belongings who hoped to have them sold.

Pam Szukala says she found out through Facebook that the store was closing, but it wasn't through the owner -- and the owner still hasn't said a word to her.

"No, nothing from the owner," she said.

Anyone who came to pick up their belongings found out through word of mouth and social media, which is why they're upset. But they're thankful for Shannon Couch, an employee at the consignment shop.

"People are wanting to get their things.. of the goodness of my heart I came down and opened the door so they can get their things," she said.

Like many others, Couch doesn't know much about what's going on.

"I no longer have a job, so no, I don't know what's going on from here on out."

What most people who had their valuables here want to know is why haven't they heard from the owner, who we were also not able to contact.

Shannon tells FOX 10 she will be at the store again on October 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for people to get their belongings. A separate source told FOX 10's Stefania Okolie that the owner does plan to relocate and whoever does not get their belongings will be able to get it out of storage in Glendale.

Divine Consign Phoenix
8154 West Bell Road, Suite A1
Glendale, AZ 85308