Couple at the center of Gilbert 23 case could have their probations revoked

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The owners of a Gilbert boarding facility where 23 dogs died in the heat four years ago could get their probations revoked.

Jesse and Malasia Hughes are accused of repeatedly violating their probations over the last two years. At a hearing Tuesday, the judge scolded the couple, and threatened to have one of them arrested.

The Hughes face a long list of probation violations. Prosecutors claim Malasia is hostile and dismissive toward her probation officer, refusing to look at the officer during meetings. During the hearing, the judge cut off the Hughes' attorney in mid-sentence as he tried to defend his client.

The Hughes deny they violated their probations, and claim they are not taking in new pets. According to probation reports, the couple had two Labrador retrievers, and one died last year after getting hit by a car. The Hughes are scheduled to be back in court in January. At their next probation hearing, witnesses are expected to testify, and the Hughes could take the stand in their own defense. The Hughes could end up going back to jail if the judge revokes their probation.