Court documents: Woman had .254% blood alcohol content while driving car with 4 kids inside

PEORIA, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Court documents show a 61-year-old Peoria woman has been charged with multiple DUI-related offenses, after she allegedly drove a car, while drunk, with four children inside.

The incident, according to documents, happened on February 23 in Peoria. Peoria Police officers responded to a supermarket located on the 28000 block of N. Vistancia Boulevard at around 3:00 p.m. that day, for a report of a wrong way driver. The caller said the suspect, identified as Joni R. Laughlin in court documents, was driving south in the northbound lanes, and eventually pulled into the supermarket parking lot. The children inside, according to the caller, were screaming and crying, and the caller yelled at Laughlin to stop the car and remove the car keys, eventually helping Laughlin to do so.

According to court documents, when officers asked Laughlin questions, she had a blank stare, was very confused, and did not know where she was. Laughlin reportedly blew a .254% when she gave a breathalyzer test. She has since been charged with nine offenses, including four counts of aggravated DUI because of the children in the car, as well as wrong-way driving and Extreme DUI. Bond has been set at $2,500 for Laughlin.

As for the children inside, all are under the age of 15, and were picked up by a family friend.