Data: officer involved shootings almost doubled in Phoenix in 2018

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Data released by the Phoenix Police Department showed that officer involved shootings in 2018 have almost doubled from 2017.

According to a statement released by Phoenix Police Sergeant Vince Lewis, the city released the data, in the interest of transparency, but noted that information from 2017 was limited, as not every category was captured at that time.

Data from Phoenix's Open Data website show that there have been 40 officer involved shootings so far in 2018, compared to 21 in 2017. Data also showed that in those incidents, 25 of them involved a subject that is classified as a White Hispanic, or a subject that was classified as a Non-Hispanic Black person.

Data also shows many of the shooting incidents happened in the city's center, as well as the city's western and southern districts. In 2018, 24 out of the 40 shootings happened in the city's 4th, 7th, and 8th City Council districts. According to maps provided by the City of Phoenix, the three districts cover Downtown Phoenix, parts of the city north of Downtown Phoenix, South Phoenix, West Phoenix, and Maryvale.

Phoenix Police OIS Data