Deadly Mexico City earthquake hits close to home for some Phoenix residents

Throughout Tuesday and into Wednesday, frightening images of the devastation in Mexico City, in the aftermath of the earthquake, have been seen many times, around the world.

Phoenix is 1,450 miles (2333.55 km) away from Mexico City, but news of Tuesday's earthquake nonetheless hits close to home for some who live in the Valley.

People like Marta Orona.

"It was ugly," said Orona, in Spanish. "I have family in Mexico City. I did communicate with them, they are OK. They say they are very scared. The building they work in fell down. They don't know if they are going to be able to go to work. They don't know until when."

Maralu Galvan also has family in Mexico City.

"It's scary for us too, because we are far from them," said Galvan, in Spanish. "I feel we cannot do anything."

Galvan, however, is grateful her loved ones are OK.

"We just communicated with them," said Galvan. "They are scared, worried, but they are OK."

The reality, however, is Mexico City remains a place that is prone to earthquakes. There have been catastrophic quakes there over the years, and the one that happened on Tuesday was just the latest one.

"Yes, it is a big risk, but that is where the people are," said Orona. "What are they going to do?"