Dentists donate protection equipment to medical workers in need during coronavirus pandemic

While the dental industry is being hit hard financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, members of the industry are doing their part to help.

"I never would have anticipated having to look at laying off team members, having to look at shortening team members' hours. I never in a 100 years would have thought that I would have to do that," said Jennifer Enos, President of the Arizona Dental Association.

With her practice quiet, Enos is facing a new reality. She stopped seeing routine patients a week ago. Despite the stark reality, dental offices are coming together to help fight COVID-19 spread, with dentists donating personal protective equipment, so medical personnel aren't running out.

A table was seen stacked with gloves, masks, disinfectant wipes and lab coats, all ready to go. Enos says her office is one of eight collecting personal protective equipment, in the wake of Gov. Ducey's call for help

"He's asked us to donate excess personal protective equipment that we might have in our offices, as we are not currently seeing patients other than emergency patients due to the virus," said Enos.

Despite not being able to directly help patients, Enos believes dentists can still make a difference to keep doctors and nurses equipped with what they need.

"This is just one opportunity that we’re getting to step up and help those frontline healthcare providers. Our doctors, physicians, nurses, all of those people that are addressing this on the frontline," said Enos. "We can just step up at least a little bit and help them out."

Enos says the impact of COVID-19 is something the dental industry has never faced since the initial outbreak of HIV. The Arizona Dental Association has around 2,500 members, so the hope is all the excess supplies donated will help those in need, right away.